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Corin Craig
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Airbnb Beginner Course

What is Peachy Lite?

Peachy Lite is a beginner’s course that teaches our students the very basics required to host on Airbnb. We deliver the course in a language that everyone can understand and we ensure that all our students can develop the basic knowledge of Airbnb hosting and how to implement some of the strategies and recommendations that are learnt on the course.

If you are just starting out or interested about becoming a host, this course is for you! The course is also a fantastic introduction to one of our more advanced courses (Peachy Plus and Peachy Personal). Also, if you decide to purchase our Peachy Lite course, you can upgrade to Peachy Plus or Peachy Personal and your Peachy Lite fee will be deducted from the overall course fee for Peachy Plus or Peachy Personal – Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

If you’re undecided about whether starting a Airbnb hosting business is something you want to do, this introductory course will answer all your burning questions.

As a Peachy Lite student, you can upgrade to our advanced courses; namely Peachy Plus and Peachy Personal, and your Peachy Lite course fee will be reimbursed.

What you’ll walk away with?

  1. The beginner’s course to hosting on Airbnb will give you the confidence to begin your hosting journey informed by a basic understanding of the Airbnb platform and how it can work for you.
  2. Learn an action plan for how hosting on Airbnb can work where you live or where you’re thinking of starting your hosting business, as well as how much you can make.
  3. The chance to engage with our lead tutor who designed the Airpeachy platform, and is the number 1 host in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
  4. Access to the Airpeachy Community network, consisting of over 10,000 students who are all on the same journey as you.


What are the features of this course?

Airpeachy education delivers a world-class online learning experience. The courses include video modules, module quizzes and resources. You can access these features on our site and from several different devices and platforms. This includes smartphones, personal computers, Apple TV and FireTV streaming media players.

With Airpeachy you get lifetime access and our education platform is entirely on-demand. This means that you can enroll in the courses or modules that interest you and learn at your own pace. This will allow you to experience a flexible but structured approach to online education. As such, you can plan your learning around your life to meet your own weekly milestones.

Enjoy a personalised, people-mediated online learning experience, created to make you feel supported at every step. Make sure you join the thousands of students from around the world already learning how to become a master of Airbnb through Airpeachy!

Course Features

  • Students 43 students
  • Lessons11
  • Quizzes1
  • Duration2 hour
  • Skill levelnewbie
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A


Corin Craig
Corin Craig

Corin is an expert in hosting and Airbnb, having began his hosting journey over 5 years ago in 2015. Before creating the Airpeachy educational platform, Corin provided strategic commercial leadership to several organisations where he picked up a national award. He draws on his own experience of hosting and also travelling the world, staying in Airbnb's, to form the substance of the educational platform.

Listing his home on Airbnb has given him the economic freedom to pursue his dreams. He now runs a collection of unique and luxury boutique apartments known as The Jacksonheim Boutique, from his phone from anywhere in the world. You can see the full collection of apartments on

Corin Craig's hope is that the Airpeachy education platform can empower individuals to create a better life for themselves, by mastering the Airbnb platform.