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How to impress your Airbnb guests in 2021

First impressions are everything!  They already have a rough idea of what your place is going to look like through the booking images – so their visual sense is impressed. However, there are four more senses which will need to be satisfied in order to make a really (really) good impression. These are the five senses: …

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Airbnb Marketing Strategy

Need help with your Airbnb Marketing Strategy? Here are 5 easy steps to maximise your marketing potential Airbnb’s have become increasingly popular year-on-year, with a recent statistic showing there are around 150 million users covering more than 65,000 cities around the world. As the growth of the current Airbnb market continues to rise, so does…

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How to use instagram to grow your Airbnb business

Instagram is an extremely powerful marketing tool, perhaps even more successful than any other social media platform. Not only is it free, it generates the opportunity to become visually creative and promote to potential guests.  Your brand  What makes your property different from the rest? Is it a modern city apartment or quirky cottage, highlight the…