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Ways to save time as an Airbnb host

Although Airbnb is a great opportunity to connect travellers to your home and earn some serious cash, it can be incredibly time consuming and take over your life. Here are some top tips so you can spend less time in the laundry room and more time enjoying that extra income. 

Waiting, waiting and more waiting… 

If you are a host who welcomes your guest personally and gives them a tour of the property every time. You will probably spend a lot of time waiting around for guest with delayed flights or those who decided to take a detour. Just because you welcome someone at the door does not guarantee you a 5-star review. In fact, it often just gets in the way of your own life, having to cancel plans depending on your guest’s ETA. So, we have the answer to all your problems: Self check-in.   

Think about it, no more feeling uncomfortable or awkward chit-chat. To replace your personal tour, you simply need to create a clear step-by step check in guide via the Airbnb App – be sure to include photos to make it super easy and clear. We’re sure you are thinking, okay but what about the key? Instead of personally handing over the keys you can just buy a lockbox or a keypad entry right on the door. No more having to greet late night guests!

Turnaround time 

It can be incredibly stressful when one guests leaves and you have to get the property looking like a showroom within a short 3-hour window. The solution is to make sure that for every bed, you have 3-4 sets of the following all in your cleaning cupboard:

  • white bed linens
  • bath towels
  • hand towels
  • facecloths

This will save you so much time and stress, and if laundry gets backed up a day or so it won’t matter. 

Also make your life easier by setting specific check-in and check-out times. We suggest 12am to 3pm. Any window less than this and you’re going to leave yourself stretched for time. If guests need a later check-out or earlier check-in they can simply request, and you can try to accommodate whenever possible. 


Messages should always be polite and welcoming. But make sure you are not spending too much time communicating with guests back and forth. 

There are 7 steps to communication which we teach about in our courses but for now, here’s 2 messages you will need to send to every guest. 

  • Booking Confirmation – A friendly welcome message.
  • 48 hours before arrival – Parking and check-in Instructions.


Make sure you use the saved responses tool in the app so you can efficiently send these messages off at the right times… just don’t forget to change the guests name. 

Repeat questions 

You may find that you keep getting messages like “Where’s the WiFi code” or What time is check-out”. These can be eliminated by either including this information in message templates like we just covered in Tip 3 or by having a clear and concise welcome book in your Airbnb property. The welcome book should cover EVERYTHING imaginable that a guest could possibly message you about. This will save time spent communicating with guests as they will have everything they need. 

These are 4 top tips to save time hosting – hope they helped.

So what next…?

The more you know about Airbnb, the more you will be able to use this knowledge to manage your guests, help you rank your listing higher in searches and become a Superhost. There’s so much more to know. There is definitely a learning curve to Airbnb and it will cost you money and time to try to learn everything on your own. So why wait… start your learning journey now with Airpeachy and you’ll be a top host in now time, maximising your profits through the Airbnb platform.

Corin Craig

Corin is an expert in hosting and Airbnb, having began his hosting journey over 5 years ago in 2015. Before creating the Airpeachy educational platform, Corin provided strategic commercial leadership to several organisations where he picked up a national award. He draws on his own experience of hosting and also travelling the world, staying in Airbnb's, to form the substance of the educational platform.

Listing his home on Airbnb has given him the economic freedom to pursue his dreams. He now runs a collection of unique and luxury boutique apartments known as The Jacksonheim Boutique, from his phone from anywhere in the world. You can see the full collection of apartments on

Corin Craig's hope is that the Airpeachy education platform can empower individuals to create a better life for themselves, by mastering the Airbnb platform.

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