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How to get more guest views on Airbnb

Are you looking for ways to get your listing at the top of the Airbnb search?

Have you searched your own listing and find it’s far from the top? Did you know there are 7 Airbnb algorithms that you need to appease in order to get your listing to the top of the rankings? Successfully catering to the algorithms will mean the difference between a top-ranked listing that is clicked by thousands of travellers or a rental that remains buried at the bottom of the list. In this article you can learn more about 1 of the Airbnb algorithm and boost your listing up the search rankings!

Think about when you use Google to search a topic,  do you choose something on the first page, or do you sift through 20 pages? It’s the same when a guest is looking for a place. When a Guest begins searching for a place and they find your property in the top few listings, they’ll book it instantly without checking the hundreds of other places available on Airbnb.

The more you’re listing ranks at the top of Airbnb, the more chances you have to book your place, which affects how much money you will earn over time.

How do you rank at the top of Airbnb search? It’s simple. Do the things that their algorithm is looking for. As the authors of the Airpeachy e-Learning video courses, let us show you one little hack you could take to help you achieve this.

So whats the hack? Let us tell you…

There’s a little known Airbnb pricing hack among Airbnb pro’s to virtually guarantee more views and reservations. This pricing hack works whether you manage your pricing yourself, or you’re connected to either Smart Pricing (with one exception) or an intelligent pricing partner.

It all has to do with the base price in Airbnb and whether or not it’s used. Typically, when you connect your account to Smart Pricing or a third-party pricing partner, the base price is ignored in favor of the ‘smart’ daily pricing. If this is the case, the hack quite simply is to lower your base price 10-20% below your minimum.

If you manage your own pricing calendar, set your base price 10-20% below your minimum, and then readjust all prices back to what they are ‘supposed to be’, for say the next 2 years. You might think ‘Urghhh this sounds like a heck of a job’… well it really only takes a couple of minutes if you use the Airbnb app. The app has much better functionality for changing this back, than the desktop website, as you can select all the dates you want to change at once, and excludes dates you don’t want to change like weekends, as these will be set at your weekend rate.

How does this work?

Your base price is only shown in search results to guests who have not inputted dates, which happens often. What you are doing is enticing these guests to click on your listing which shows an artificially lower price. Once they’re in, they’ll fall in love with your perfectly manicured listing… at least it should perfectly manicured be if you’re an Airpeachy student… right? Then from here, the guest should of course enquire about the reservation or make the reservation.

So… what next?

For more hosting tips and to learn what the other 6 algorithms are, sign up to our course. As many of us have increased time on our hands as we embrace life from the confinement’s of our own homes, this is the perfect time to learn how to host. Our courses, as well as having over 100+ videos to help you become a master of hosting, they also include many helpful downloadable resources including a listing checklist and a Superhost guest pack. 

Airpeachy Education is for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced host looking to explode their bookings. Our courses cover everything from creating a listing, ranking high in searches, increasing bookings and becoming a Superhost. You’ll learn to streamline your communication with guests and provide an experience that they will rave about in reviews. Airpeachy e-Learning is filled with insider tips that are essential for every aspiring host! The more you know about hosting, the more you will be able to use this knowledge to optimise your listing, set goals and succeed. 

There is a huge learning curve to becoming a successful host, whether that’s on Airbnb or any other lettings platform and our e-Learning courses, along with all associated resources will become an essential reference to return to, time and time again.

Corin Craig

Corin is an expert in hosting and Airbnb, having began his hosting journey over 5 years ago in 2015. Before creating the Airpeachy educational platform, Corin provided strategic commercial leadership to several organisations where he picked up a national award. He draws on his own experience of hosting and also travelling the world, staying in Airbnb's, to form the substance of the educational platform.

Listing his home on Airbnb has given him the economic freedom to pursue his dreams. He now runs a collection of unique and luxury boutique apartments known as The Jacksonheim Boutique, from his phone from anywhere in the world. You can see the full collection of apartments on

Corin Craig's hope is that the Airpeachy education platform can empower individuals to create a better life for themselves, by mastering the Airbnb platform.

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