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3 tips to deter a rule-breaking Airbnb guest

Has your Airbnb guests turned up with extra people? It’s possible that your guests may turn up with extra people that haven’t paid for the listing. Whether they are trying to cut costs or throw a party, there are some things you can do to counter this…

Here are the top 3:

Put the right details in your listing and house rules

It’s very important that your listing clearly states the number of guests allowed and outlines the additional guest charges when this number is exceeded. This should deter guests that want to take advantage of an Airbnb listing to throw a party, as well as giving you firm grounds to charge extra guests if they arrive.

Including that you will meet and greet upon arrival (even if you’re not going to) suggests a presence which deters people from flouting the rules or choosing your Airbnb as a party venue. Furthermore, it is important to make it clear that unregistered guests are not permitted on the property and that customers will incur a charge for these extra guests. You should be very clear about what this charge is per night! A well-detailed listing will save you grief in the future.


Install a camera at your Airbnb

You can’t recoup charges for extra guests or party damages if you aren’t aware it’s happening. Installing an exterior camera is a simple and effective tool to keep track of who is entering and leaving your property without violating the law. It’s also useful to be able to monitor your property when there aren’t any guests there!

Have a presence

Engagement with your guests is important, although you should make sure not to come across as rude or intrusive. A simple automated message to your guests asking what time they will arrive and how many guests they plan to bring can work wonders. This is true if you decide to use cameras. Your cameras should be clearly signed so guests are aware they are in use.

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