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Peak season success tips to maximise your Airbnb business

During Airbnb’s Peak season it can be the most stressful and busiest time for Airbnb owners. You can pretty much guarantee to be super full and very busy. Once you’ve hosted a full season, you will gain an idea of the ways to simplify your hosting life during peak season, but here are some top tips to save you time and money. 

Minimise your workload 

Ensure that you prepare in advance when managing you Airbnb in peak seasons. Anything that you can do to minimize the inevitable workload will be beneficial when your Airbnb is at maximum occupancy. This will make it easier to manage when the time arrives, reducing the time spent rushing about at the last second. 

Buy in Bulk 

It goes without saying that when there are more guests you need more basic necessities. It saves you the time and the hassle from running back and forth to the shop if you stock up on the essentials. You can use shops like Costco or Amazon to buy bulk items which will save you a lot more money, for instance, items like toilet paper or coffee will always be needed in peak seasons. So, make sure you stock up!

Keep it clean 

Being in the midst of a Pandemic it is incredibly important to keep up Airbnb’s protocol for cleaning and disinfecting between guests. One of the main reason’s guests complain during peak seasons is from a lack of cleanliness and so should be top on your list of priorities. Pay particular attention to high touch areas such as door handles, light switches and taps. 

Turnover time  

To make your life easier be sure to set specific times when guests can check in and out, for example at the Jacksonheim boutique latest check out is at 12:00 and earliest check in is at 15:00. This allows time to be flexible with cleaning and making sure there is no rushing about. If guests need to check in/out at an earlier/later time they can simply request, and you can try to accommodate when it’s possible. 

Wash the sheets 

Having multiple sheet sets is imperative during peak season. You want to make sure that one is on the bed, one in the wash and one + more ready to go. This will make sure that if the laundry gets backed up by a bit it one matter as much and sheets can get stained this removes the pressure of having to get the stain out before the next guest checks-in. 

Top tip for stains: Put aside any stained sheets/towels until you have a large enough load to add a cup of bleach and allow it to soak for at least an hour. 

Reserve renovations 

Don’t begin to paint your entire home or start planning any DIY projects during peak season, it’s really not the best time. You want to maximize your occupancy and booking profits so be sure to either postpone or speed up any projects that prevent your Airbnb from being rented out. Always plan for major projects in the offseason when you have time to account for any unexpected issues which may potentially happen during the renovation project. 

Communication is key 

In order to save yourself a lot of time it is important to communicate with guests effectively, try and prevent commonly asked questions. This can be achieved by having clear listing descriptions and providing photos which accurately depict your space. Along with this, adding an easy-to-understand house guidebook is the perfect way for guests’ questions to be resolved. 

Rapid responses 

No one wants to wait for hours to get a response, therefore answering guests’ questions asap is incredibly important. Having saved message templates is a great way to simplify the check-in process especially during the busy Airbnb peak season. These should be your go-to every booking message that every guest receives to make them feel welcomed. 

You need to send them at the right time for each new booking:

  1. Booking Confirmation = A friendly welcome message.
  2. 48 hours before arrival = Parking and Check-in instructions. 
  3. During Stay = ‘hope you are enjoying your stay…’ 
  4. Morning of Check-out = A check-out time reminder and a thank you message. 

Be sure to always make sure messages are polite and welcoming and be sure to change guest’s name every time. 

Corin Craig

Corin is an expert in hosting and Airbnb, having began his hosting journey over 5 years ago in 2015. Before creating the Airpeachy educational platform, Corin provided strategic commercial leadership to several organisations where he picked up a national award. He draws on his own experience of hosting and also travelling the world, staying in Airbnb's, to form the substance of the educational platform.

Listing his home on Airbnb has given him the economic freedom to pursue his dreams. He now runs a collection of unique and luxury boutique apartments known as The Jacksonheim Boutique, from his phone from anywhere in the world. You can see the full collection of apartments on

Corin Craig's hope is that the Airpeachy education platform can empower individuals to create a better life for themselves, by mastering the Airbnb platform.

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