Optimising Your Listing

Superior Interior: tips to improve your Airbnb

Your property is your business 

Airbnb is thriving with thousands of active Airbnb listings at any given time and not to mention other online platforms too, such as Tripadvisor and Booking.com. This means for you there is a bit of healthy competition. 

Hosting on Airbnb requires more than just the basic essentials to achieve great guest experience. It’s about creating a space which your guests will find comfortable and enjoyable. 

This can be accomplished with a little bit of time on decoration and by choosing the right equipment.  As the better the features and feel of your property, the more likely you to improve your reviews and then you can charger a higher nightly rate. 

Stand out 

Every guest roughly spends around 5 seconds checking out a listing. This is your opportunity to grab their attention. Great photos capturing a thoughtfully decorated and charming home is a sure way to boost bookings. 

More bookings = more revenue 

Individuals choose Airbnbs instead of hotels because they want to feel at home, they like the uniqueness and personality of the property. This is your chance to make your place stand out above the rest. 

Decorating your space


Texture is key to creating a successful design scheme, a plain room can be styled many different ways adding a silky-cushions or having a feature wall can liven up and add texture to the room. To create a more luxurious space a quick and easy way is by adding pillows and throws over beds – it can also add comfort. 


Natural light not only benefits our health and well-being but also affects how colours appear. A room which is south facing will experience the maximum amount of light whereas rooms facing north will be slightly darker. Therefore, before decorating always check the light in you room, paint colours can seem a completely different hue in one room to another. 

Nail the floorplan

It is important for your space to be functional, ensuring that there is enough room to move around without having to stretch too far for a cup of coffee or making sure you’re not shouting across the room to have a conversation. 

Finishing touches

Consider other ways to add colour and life to your rooms such as adding plants, or a well-placed side table. Or consider things such as smells so add a nice diffuser. These small things can make a huge difference. 

Corin Craig

Corin is an expert in hosting and Airbnb, having began his hosting journey over 5 years ago in 2015. Before creating the Airpeachy educational platform, Corin provided strategic commercial leadership to several organisations where he picked up a national award. He draws on his own experience of hosting and also travelling the world, staying in Airbnb's, to form the substance of the educational platform.

Listing his home on Airbnb has given him the economic freedom to pursue his dreams. He now runs a collection of unique and luxury boutique apartments known as The Jacksonheim Boutique, from his phone from anywhere in the world. You can see the full collection of apartments on www.jacksonheim.co.uk.

Corin Craig's hope is that the Airpeachy education platform can empower individuals to create a better life for themselves, by mastering the Airbnb platform.

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