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Will a rural Airbnb business survive during COVID-19

Countryside rentals are uniquely positioned to help city-dwellers. In light of the current climate and restrictions on international travel due to COVID19, they may be looking to stay away from condensed metropolitan areas. This is why countryside retreats are perfectly positioned during COVID19. In this crisis, we as hosts need to think how we can not only keep our business running, but about the nuances of the situation that can help hosting businesses thrive during COVID19. If you do want host during this time of uncertainty, you can attract city dwellers to your listing by adopting a few simple techniques.

Choose An Angle for Your Countryside Retreat

Part of your marketing strategy will be branding your listing to attract the right audience. In this case, may be people looking for a staycation. If the property is on the smaller side, you could market it to couples as a Cosy Couples Retreat. Choose and create photos that show off a romantic experience, like seating round the fireplace. Also show off areas of your listing with soft lighting and highlight couple-friendly activities nearby, like a peaceful hiking route. 

If your countryside retreat is larger, you can brand it for families as a Countryside Escape for Families. We are no poet but do not underestimate the power of words. The language you include in your listings helps potential guests imagine staying at your property. Its all about creating imaginable equity so the potential guests just wants to jump right in the photo. Once you’ve chosen the right wording to describe your family-friendly listing, focus on photos of common areas, outdoor activities in the area and homely perks, like toys and games for all ages.

A peachy tip: Stay on top of the current and ever-changing guest market amidst this global pandemic. A couple of examples could be local people looking for a 1-2 week staycation outside their cities or even those needing to self-quarantine for 14 days away from their families. Whether you have a beach cabin, a lakeside rental, or a secluded spot in the woods, change up your listing to reflect the needs of this new type of guests. We hate to jump the gun here but we don’t know how log this situation will last. So in the winter months, use words like “cosy” or “warm”. In the summer, use “breezy” or “bright” — and don’t forget to refresh your photos to reflect your optimised text.

Upgrade Your Countryside Retreat Amenities

Guests may be looking for a bit of luxury so it is important to pay attention to the details. For example, take care of your outdoor spaces that your guests wouldn’t have access to in their city day-to-day life. Buy a BBQ and keep patio furniture clean. These ‘instagramable’ design trends will ultimately translate to increased occupancy. 

When it comes to the indoor space, anything you can do to make guests feel like the short drive from the city made them feel a million miles from home, will only improve their experience, which will pay off in glowing reviews and return guests. Remember, we have no idea how long this situation could last so a great experience could yield dividends longer term. 

A peachy tip: If you’re not in a position to invest in high-ticket items like a new hot tub, focus on more cost effective ways to create a complete vacation experience, like providing gorgeous selection of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and marshmallows in the winter, and sunscreen, fresh fruit and some beers in the fridge at summer time. Your guests will appreciate the small touches. These little unexpected additions will bring abundance of success to your hosting marketing strategy. 

Don’t Forget the Surroundings

The nice thing about advertising countryside properties, is that the surrounding area does so much of the marketing for you. Whether guests are looking for golden sandy beaches in Cornwall, Glamping in the Scottish Highlands or a lakeside cottage in Windermere, the natural surroundings play a major role in how your listing is perceived.

When optimising your listings, include photos of the views from your properties. Make sure to mention what guests can do nearby.

A peachy tip: To stand out from your competition and give the guests a reason to choose you, provide things like complimentary bikes, buckets and spades, kayaks or lifejackets. Make sure you mention that you have these extras available for use. You can do this either in messages or directly in your listing. Let the guests know they are in the best of hands during their stay.

At Airpeachy, we recognise that this isn’t an easy time for hosts. While our core values as hosts haven’t changed, the world around us has. These days, with the global spread of COVID19, we have been challenged to redefine what the Airbnb community and togetherness means. Although we need to distance ourselves physically right now, we’re still all in this together and we hope these techniques help hosting businesses thrive during COVID19.

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